Monday, July 30, 2012

in the window...

A finish for my the Modernista Homemade swap. I loved the idea of this mini quilt but my execution could be a little improved, I haven't really made a wall hanging, and then noticed after my binding was down that it was uneven. But, this is a wonky type project, I guess I still want everything to be perfection! I do love my quilting, I free motioned this one, used the walking foot on my last box in box quilting. I do think it looks modern and I think the colors will work for her I hope, otherwise, I may be making something else! I'll find it a good home if not :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PTS received

PTS received by thethreaded~chickadee
PTS received, a photo by thethreaded~chickadee on Flickr.

I love my pillow that I received from my PTS partner. I think this room is really coming together! I think a wall hanging with similar colors and maybe a valence for the windows??

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PTS front

PTS front by thethreaded~chickadee
PTS front, a photo by thethreaded~chickadee on Flickr.

Finished PTS pillow!! I really worked hard on this and while it isn't perfect, I did a lot of things right and now know that I should approach circles and applique a wee bit differently. I hooked my partner up with some great fabrics which were hard for me to let go of!! But, I really hope she likes it because she is an awesome swapper. Oh, I also learned some lessons in time management.

So all the stuff I preach to my clients about time management, I need to listen up, AGAIN. With the house, sewing projects, two jobs, and family obligations I need to take it down a notch for sure, theres doing alot and there's doing way too much!!