Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sewing To Do list!

So, I never really understood how people could have multiple projects going at once, I do now!! I have so many projects floating in my I need a list and an estimated time that I'll complete them. I need to have a home project list too :)

A quilt for our bed!!-I really want this one
Christmas Quilt for mom-the goal is this Christmas!--start in September
napkins for Mom, probably mother's day
table toppers for Ethan and Sarah's wedding
potholders for friends weddings (one in october)
dining room curtains
Cover Dining room chairs
Curtains living room-I'm thinking a yellow and white chevron
lap quilt for living room-I have blocks
Christmas Stockings-started!
Advent Calandar

Home painting

Finish mud room-Trim
paint walls mud room
finish our bedroom
prime first bedroom

Any strategies for getting this done??

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Modernista Received :)

I love my new machine cover from a crafty fox, it was late, but hey we're all late sometimes. And the focus of my blog is on self-care and not stressing about perfection. This swap that I created this summer has been stressful at times and I've wondered, why did I do this again. But, then I saw all of the beautiful creations that were made that really reminded me of my growing passion for sewing. I think that Modernista will continue for a while at any rate!