Saturday, September 7, 2013


SRS by thethreaded~chickadee
SRS, a photo by thethreaded~chickadee on Flickr.
A finished mini and goodies for my partner in the sewing room swap! I hope she likes them. I was a little rushed with this project as I totally scrapped my first idea because I wasn't happy with the results. I do love the looptastic pattern, If I had the time to hand stich it down like I wanted to and do an overall free motion, I would have been happier. I'm still thinking about doing a whole quilt in this pattern for our bedroom for a long term project. But, I think this mini is cheerful and fun and will hopefully brighten my partner's space :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

burp rags and boppy covers, oh my :)

I'm at 38 weeks today, that is really weird to me still that I can have a baby well, at any moment! I'm not feeling so unprepared anymore. Yes the question is still, are you ready? Maybe now I'll just simply say yes instead of, is anyone ready? Lol!! He is very active these days and I'm getting more excited to meet him instead of being fearful of impending parenthood. Sometimes, I do ask myself why can't I be more calm like my husband :) But, luckily I am frequently reminded to rely on grace for the strength I need for this ambiguous and special time in my life. Ok, on to sewing stuff....

So, yes I am fully immersed in preparing for baby. I found this super easy tutorial for adding some embellishment to burp rags with cloth diapers. Here is the tut I used:

I really didn't need a tutorial, but I did like her idea of cutting a template out of a cereal box. It really sped up the ironing process. If you don't sew, half of sewing is ironing and cutting out! They were really cheap to make as I made them out of scraps of other things I've been sewing for baby B and a cloth diaper. These will really sop up some serious baby goop.
Oh, and I made a Boppy cover, I'm pretty happy with the results, I just pinned one cover that I had and created another one, I may write up a quick tutorial on this and think about growing this blog than a more reflective place for me, we'll see! I taught myself how to put in a zipper as well. I love these woodland animals, kind of the theme as we live in the woods in Maine. Feeling pretty accomplished today!

Ok, had to look at the guitar print again, it's almost my last little bit of it and I know that it's out of production...I do love fabric :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally, a finished baby quilt!

I finally stitched down the binding of this cute baby quilt about a week ago, I'm pretty happy with it as it was my first experience using a long arm machine in the quilt shop, so much easier than on my home machine. Although, I'm finding that I do like hand stitching and may plan a hand stitched quilt for sitting in these last few weeks of pregnancy :). I'm calling it Prince tiles, the designer named the print frog prince, and I made a simple tile design with fussy cut centers (that just means I cut out the frogs :))

Here she is for my little one!
The front

 And back with a soft flannel for snuggling little baby B!

Quilting that is hard to see but it's there!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby projects :)

I am now 36 weeks, and can't believe that pregnancy is almost over. I think the question that everyone asks me now is are you ready???

My question is can you ever be ready for a little one to enter your life? I don't think that I am yet, but I will be when he arrives. I was so happy to have my appointment today because I got a glimpse of my little guy on an unplanned ultrasound. My belly was measuring a little small, so my doctor had me come back in for another one. Praise God everything was just fine and they estimate him to be in the 48th percentile. I always thought I'd have a huge baby because I'm not the smallest woman I know. But, I guess he's just the right size.

Here are some baby projects I have been working on lately:

a pillow and wall hanging received from kerriofberries from the Modernista Homemade swap!

My Lotta J. Snuggler from her book, it was overall a pretty easy pattern, but I was glad that I found an online tutorial to look at in the process! I can't wait to swaddle up my little guy inside the soft flannel interior.

A quick mitered fleece blanket for baby B. I love that print :)

I can't help to think what he'll be like as a little person and who he will become. This pregnancy has been challenging at times with a surgery in the middle of it all, it really tested my faith and trust that my prayers were heard about the safety of this little one about to come into this world.

I love this verse:1 Samuel 1:27–28
"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." (NIV)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nursery progression: Recovering a glider chair..

I recently obtained a free Dutailier glider chair for the great price of $0.  The downside it had some faded denim fabric that wasn't cute for a hip baby or mama. :) So, I thought about recovering it, but was a little  scared. I didn't want to rip up all the fabric and rework it all. I was really happy when I saw this tutorial to recover it:

Which essentially allowed me to make slip cushions, which is great because they can be taken off and popped in the wash.  My brother has three children and I watched all three when they were babies, I know there's a lot of washing going on with a little one.  It worked great as directed except for the ottoman.  I tried to follow instructions, but I think that I will just rip up the ottoman and make it fit really nicely with a zipper. It looks ok now, but you're not seeing it in person!

I had a great time with this, Brady my dog was hanging with me. There were a few times he knocked down the fan and piles of fabric, but he's generally a great helper! I felt like I was in the zone in the sewing room today or experiencing flow as a psychologist would say.  Here's the before picture:

The bones were great, but definitely needed some love! Here's the almost finished product, but you get the idea.  I'm still debating if I should make the ottoman yellow, thoughts?

The finished product cost me about $20 much cheaper than a new $500 glider! I still need to work on the ottoman, but I'm happy with the result so far!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A quilt top!

Finally sewing and making pretty things again I searched high and low for some of this fabric. I decided to do a fussy cut center and fabrics from Tula pinks frog prince for my little prince! More good pics to come after I quilt it next week ;)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nursery Progression!

Nursery by thethreaded~chickadee
Nursery, a photo by thethreaded~chickadee on Flickr.
Well the only way this nursery has progressed is via my mother in law's talented work. She has painted this beautiful mural in my son's nursery. The birds are Maine's state bird the chickadee, thus the title of my blog :) I'm so excited to add more to the nursery, I'm recovering a wonderful glider that just needs an update, can you believe those chairs are over $1000 new. I also got some great organic fabric from Joann's for a sheet they run $50+ full price. I just can't do that when I can make things. I'm so excited and am definitely in nesting mode! I'll post my quilt top soon, I'm quilting it at my local quilt shop on a long arm machine, so I don't have to fight with my machine at home! I'd love to know your thoughts on my mother-in-law's work, isn't it beautiful!!!

And close up: