Sunday, September 1, 2013

burp rags and boppy covers, oh my :)

I'm at 38 weeks today, that is really weird to me still that I can have a baby well, at any moment! I'm not feeling so unprepared anymore. Yes the question is still, are you ready? Maybe now I'll just simply say yes instead of, is anyone ready? Lol!! He is very active these days and I'm getting more excited to meet him instead of being fearful of impending parenthood. Sometimes, I do ask myself why can't I be more calm like my husband :) But, luckily I am frequently reminded to rely on grace for the strength I need for this ambiguous and special time in my life. Ok, on to sewing stuff....

So, yes I am fully immersed in preparing for baby. I found this super easy tutorial for adding some embellishment to burp rags with cloth diapers. Here is the tut I used:

I really didn't need a tutorial, but I did like her idea of cutting a template out of a cereal box. It really sped up the ironing process. If you don't sew, half of sewing is ironing and cutting out! They were really cheap to make as I made them out of scraps of other things I've been sewing for baby B and a cloth diaper. These will really sop up some serious baby goop.
Oh, and I made a Boppy cover, I'm pretty happy with the results, I just pinned one cover that I had and created another one, I may write up a quick tutorial on this and think about growing this blog than a more reflective place for me, we'll see! I taught myself how to put in a zipper as well. I love these woodland animals, kind of the theme as we live in the woods in Maine. Feeling pretty accomplished today!

Ok, had to look at the guitar print again, it's almost my last little bit of it and I know that it's out of production...I do love fabric :)


  1. Harrah! I'm so delighted that you tackled the burp cloths and found the cereal box template helpful. And yes, that guitar print fabric is amazing. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!

  2. Thank you!! I enjoyed your well designed tutorial :)

    1. Hey Jen!

      Just wanted to let you know I featured your burp rags and boppy covers in my Summer 2013 Reader Showcase today. Thanks for being so awesome! Feel free to stop by to check it out and grab a featured button:

      Reader Showcase: Summer 2013

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