Friday, October 7, 2011


017 by sewtherapeutic
017, a photo by sewtherapeutic on Flickr.

hotpads for Craig and Amanda, front and back, I'm so happy with how my free motion has progressed, you should have seen it when I started!


  1. Interesting! I am planning on making some hotpads as Christmas gifts, and have been debating whether to try giving them a quilted look...I am curious about how you started out with the free motion sewing. I should really just youtube it or something...with this kind of swirly pattern, did you draw it on first or just go for it? (Sorry if that seems like a dumb question :).) These are beautiful!

  2. No not dumb at all, I watched alot of different videos, to start you have to check out this site and her tutorials

    I would draw for a while but really just practicing on some fabric scraps ALOT is what helped most. Its like you are drawing with a stable pencil and then moving the paper it feels very weird at first--oh invest in some good thread, it's almost impossible to get a good stich if you don't (I almost gave up for this reason)