Thursday, May 17, 2012

Modernista Homemade~sewing room swap

Finally made my mosiac!

Via Flickr:
1. Armrest Pincushion Caddy by Poppyprint, 2. Pin Cushion Caddy, 3. Garden Party Pin Cushion Caddy, 4. Studio Apron/Sewing Caddy/Chair Caddy, 5. Sewing Machine Caddy too, 6. Pincushions, 7. Sewing Machine Cover, 8. Parisville Sewing machine Cover, 9. Ric Rac Trimmed Selvidge Pin Cushion, 10. Make Mine Modern Swap Received, 11. Felicity's pin cushion, 12. wrist pincushion!, 13. Sewing Machine Cover14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

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  1. Those are some fun things. I thought about joining up but you have to be a previous swapper and I've only ever swapped quilt blocks (and have no proof in my stream). It looks like you all will end up with some great things and it's a bit intimidating. I was expecting to feel disappointed, then I realized what I felt was relief! Hahaha. So happy swapping to you!

  2. Hi, Lucy, if you can post some images on your flickr site, that would do, I'm willing to accept people that are new, but it is a commitment and there is nothing worse than spending time on your partner's project and then having them flake on you, so if you can do that I'd be willing to welcome you to the swap!